How does it work?

The Laughter Yoga workshop is specially designed to gently encourage participation.  It begins with an explanation of the foundation of the work,  followed by a light-hearted warm-up.  We then progress through a series of laughter exercises which are tailored to the group, interspersed with some simple stretching and deep breathing.  This then transforms into free-flowing laughter and we finish with a wonderful period of relaxation.  The overall experience that many people report is feeling relaxed but refreshed and alert. No yoga ability is required and unrestrictive, light clothing is advisable.

What are the benefits?

Deep laughter provides an excellent cardio and mid-body workout.  Benefits include: stress reduction, enhanced mood, relaxation, pain reduction and improved mental functioning. Working in groups can help teams bond, leading to improved productivity and success.


Who is it for?
Laughter Yoga is for groups of people, of all ages, from a variety of organisations including: companies, charities, councils, day centres, universities, hospitals, government agencies, social groups etc.

Please note that sustained laughter may not be suitable for everyone.  It involves some physical exertion and has the potential to put strain on the abdominal area. Further information can be provided upon request.

 How long does it take?
A typical session lasts for either 60 or 90 mins. Sessions can be one-off or regular.

 How much does it cost?

60 minute workshop:  £85

90 minute workshop:  £120

Discounts available for regular bookings