Hysterical! Sandra's good fun and I've totally enjoyed this. JL

Felt totally relaxed at the end of the session.  Would strongly recommend. SP 

My mood feels so much better.  I am lighter, head clearer, at peace... What a great tool!  Imagine before every important meeting a laughter yoga session: decisions would be made so much easier. JS

Sandra is so creative in her approach to Laughter Yoga. FM

The quality of relaxation was deep and different.  It gave me space and time and release - did not think about all the lists in my mind... Thank you. LH

I just wanted to say how powerful and brilliant Laughter Yoga is. When I turned up I think I'd been anxious and in fight or flight mode for about 6 weeks. Laughter Yoga finally gave me an inner peace and calm I hadn't had for weeks. Thanks for introducing me to this. I definitely rate it and appreciated the calm it gave me. Elaine